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Education is an important component of our work. We believe that knowledge has to be shared and that we learn by teaching others. As part of this endeavour, we will be conducting seminars and workshops for orthopaedic trainees and young surgeons. We will also be conducting free “Meet your Doctor” seminars for patients. The schedule for these meetings and seminars will be announced soon and will appear on this site.

Bone School @ Bangalore

Outreach programmes form another important component of our work. As part of our social responsibility we strive to provide affordable medical services to under-privileged sections of our society. A special emphasis will be on surgical correction of spinal deformities in children and adolescents. We are in the process of raising money to fund these complex surgical procedures.

Bone School - An Orthopaedic Resident Teaching Programme

Bone School is an educational initiative aimed at providing a comprehensive learning experience for orthopaedic trainees and young orthopaedic surgeons.

The objective of the programme is:

  1. To provide a comprehensive learning experience that includes lectures, case presentations and motor skills enhancement workshops – including Basic Surgical Skills Courses and Advanced Orthopaedic Skills Courses.
  2. To enable orthopaedic post-graduate trainees to interact with and learn from Senior Teachers from various medical colleges and DNB institutions.
  3. To provide a forum for orthopaedic trainees of various institutions to meet and learn from each other.

Bone School will be conducted on the second Sunday of every month and chaired by senior orthopaedic teachers with each monthly session focusing on a separate region (hip, spine etc) and sub-specialty In addition to didactic lectures and case presentations, we also propose to conduct motor skills enhancement workshops in the form of Basic and Advanced Orthopaedic Skills Courses and cadaver dissection courses. Bone School is not a pre-exam crash course, but is aimed at enhancing the knowledge and motor skill levels of orthopaedic trainees to enable them to provide safe, evidence-based, high quality operative and non-operative care to their patients.

The programme is designed to maximise the level of interaction between the faculty and the trainees and will reflect the suggestions and feedback from the attendees. Please do not hesitate to contact the course coordinator via email ([javascript protected email address]) if you have any suggestions regarding Bone School.

  • Madurai Orthopaedic Society Meet

  • Early Onset Scoliosis - Scoliosis Foundation of India

  • Scoliosis in Cerebral Palsy - Scoliosis Foundation of India

  • Low Back Pain Lumbar Disc Herniation - Dr Thomas J Kishen

Dr. Thomas Kishen | Stretching & Exercise to Maintain Health & Fitness | Manipal Hospitals India

  • Dr. Thomas Kishen | Stretching & Exercise to Maintain Health & Fitness | Manipal Hospitals India

  • Dr. Thomas Kishen talks about

  • Dr Thomas Joseph Kishen| Spine Care Hospital in Bangalore| Spine Care Specialists |Manipal Hospitals

  • Why does Scoliosis Bend? | Scoliosis Awareness | Dr Thomas Kishen | Manipal Hospitals India

  • Master Class in Spine - Spinal Fractures and Spinal Cord Injuries

  • MasterClass in Spine - Tumours and Infections

  • MasterClass in Spine - Osteoporosis

  • MasterClass in Spine - Scoliosis in Children

  • MasterClass in Spine - Neck Pain

  • MasterClass in Spine - Lumbar Disc Herniation

  • MasterClass in Spine - Low back pain

  • Bone School 2020 - Spine

  • Bone School 2020 - Bone Tumours

  • Bone School - The Shoulder Joint

  • Bone School - The Paediatric Hip

  • Bone School 2020 - Session 2

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Educational Content for Orthopedic Resident Training

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