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  • Harsha's Story

    Doctor is kind and very important is he will listen to patient and understand the condition.

    Would recommend Dr Thomas.

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  • Manogaran's Story

    My self Manogaran has admitted in the month of Aug 2018 as a patient with spinal problem. Earlier i was treated at several hospitals but i have not cured and spent lot of money. Finally i met this doctor and thoroughly examined me . he gave me better treatment and his behavior is very exemplary and no words to say about him. I have seen him as god why because most of the doctors told me, your problem was very serious and unable to give treatment. Really Dr Thomas is a exemplary to all. I am very thankful to manipal hospital who has employed this valuable doctors.

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  • Aditi's Story

    I had visited Dr. Thomas for an unexplained back issue. I had gotten so many tests done, so many medications to get rid of the pain. He patiently listened to me and gave me good advice. It was only his advice and his understanding that helped me. I would highly recommend him.

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  • Nirav Kotak's Story

    Dr. Thomas J Kishen is my regular consultant. As usual, I waited for 20 minutes to get my session. This time, he suggested an MRI scan for treatment advancement. Afterall I am consulting him for a couple of years and his treatment has always been satisfactory. He is definitely recommended.

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  • V George's Story

    Earlier consulted with 2 doctors but no relief Now started talking Medcine given by Dr Thomas and feeling better Hope will be okay after 2 weeks

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  • Raj's Story

    Very professional and friendly .. I went without a patient . He refused to consult and suggested alternate way / solution

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  • Shashi Kiran's Story

    I am very happy with the way the doctor handled. He asked me to perform few exercises and got to know the status of my problem.

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  • The doctor boosts your self confidence in dealing with the pain. He said "you can go to office nothing will happen" and Dr. Thomas was right in his judgement. I continued my usual routine and I am feeling better with mild medication. While many other doctors in Bangalore scared me that I must undergo a surgery

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  • Poor

    We found out that our daughter had scoliosis when she was eight years old. Initially, we thought that the shoulders were not at the same level due to her bad posture. However, as the difference in shoulder levels was increasing, we decided to get an X ray and found out that it was related to the spine.

    We visited a couple of hospitals and were confused with the difference treatments suggested (non-operative and post operative procedures). Due to this confusion we wasted close to a year.

    We met Dr. Thomas Kishen in the first week of June 2013 and at the first meeting we were convinced with his words and we felt that we had come to the right place. Our daughter was 9 years old and her spine was very visibly curved on the x rays (80 degrees). Dr. Thomas suggested that is was the right time to operate and correct the scoliosis as once the growth spurt starts, it will go out of hand.

    We were given an appointment on 20 June 2013 for operation. Two days prior we admitted our daughter to hospital for all required checkups and blood arrangement. On 20 June the operation started at around 11.00 AM and it got completed around 7 PM in the evening. We were amazed to see the correction of the curve and her shoulder level it was so perfect.

    Just second day after the procedure she was made to sit and walk and on the fourth day, my child was discharged from the hospital. Post operation recovery was very good, pain was almost zero in spite of the big surgery. It has now been a year and half since the surgery and our daughter has never complained of pain or complication. She has resumed her normal life without any restrictions.

    Big thanks to Dr.Thomas Kishen for being so supportive and cordial throughout.

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