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  • Harsha's Story

    Doctor is kind and very important is he will listen to patient and understand the condition.

    Would recommend Dr Thomas.

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  • Manogaran's Story

    My self Manogaran has admitted in the month of Aug 2018 as a patient with spinal problem. Earlier i was treated at several hospitals but i have not cured and spent lot of money. Finally i met this doctor and thoroughly examined me . he gave me better treatment and his behavior is very exemplary and no words to say about him. I have seen him as god why because most of the doctors told me, your problem was very serious and unable to give treatment. Really Dr Thomas is a exemplary to all. I am very thankful to manipal hospital who has employed this valuable doctors.

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  • Aditi's Story

    I had visited Dr. Thomas for an unexplained back issue. I had gotten so many tests done, so many medications to get rid of the pain. He patiently listened to me and gave me good advice. It was only his advice and his understanding that helped me. I would highly recommend him.

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  • Nirav Kotak's Story

    Dr. Thomas J Kishen is my regular consultant. As usual, I waited for 20 minutes to get my session. This time, he suggested an MRI scan for treatment advancement. Afterall I am consulting him for a couple of years and his treatment has always been satisfactory. He is definitely recommended.

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  • V George's Story

    Earlier consulted with 2 doctors but no relief Now started talking Medcine given by Dr Thomas and feeling better Hope will be okay after 2 weeks

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  • Raj's Story

    Very professional and friendly .. I went without a patient . He refused to consult and suggested alternate way / solution

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  • Shashi Kiran's Story

    I am very happy with the way the doctor handled. He asked me to perform few exercises and got to know the status of my problem.

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  • The doctor boosts your self confidence in dealing with the pain. He said "you can go to office nothing will happen" and Dr. Thomas was right in his judgement. I continued my usual routine and I am feeling better with mild medication. While many other doctors in Bangalore scared me that I must undergo a surgery

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  • Poor

    I first noticed an abnormal curvature of my spine when I was 13 years old. I met my family doctor who obtained xrays of my spine and informed me and my family that the spine was curved abnormally – a condition called “scoliosis”. However, he suggested not going in for surgery as it would leave me bed-ridden for the rest of my life. This was very scary for me and my family. The second doctor (Bone specialist) I visited, while in college, suggested surgery but I was still very scared and hoped that my spinal curve would stop progressing (worsening).

    Living with scoliosis was a horrible experience as people were always curious about it and either laughed and made fun of me or felt sorry for me or ignored me completely. This reaction of people made me withdraw from sports and cultural activities in school and college despite being very interested as I was ashamed about my appearance. It was a very painful experience. Another problem was the difficulty in buying clothes that would cover my back-bone and make it less visible. I experienced discomfort when walking since my shoulders was uneven and had back pain after prolonged sitting and would have breathing problems during exertion.

    When I met Dr Thomas Kishen for the first time, I was already 20 years old and my scoliosis had increased to 53 degrees. Dr Kishen explained that the curvature was likely to progress with age and suggested surgery. My family wanted me to get the operation done immediately but I decided not to undergo surgery at any cost and hence my family stopped pressurizing me to have surgery.

    I eventually completely my MBA and was got a job in the HR department of a world famous resort. I was initially very happy with my job. However, as the days passed, my colleagues started calling me a “handicapped person” and asked me to fill the disability application form. This incident left me shattered and I resigned after a couple of days.

    I met Dr Thomas Kishen again in 2014 (age -23 years) and was shocked to hear that my scoliosis had worsened from 53 degrees to 68 degrees. At this stage, my family encouraged and motivated me to undergo surgery. I browsed the internet and found out how miserable I could become if the curve got worse. Talking to Dr Kishen gave me a lot of confidence and made me mentally strong which I wasn't for ten long years...

    Once I was mentally prepared for the surgery, even the numerous blood tests that I had to undergone did not hurt. I used to be very scared to injections and needles in the past. I was admitted to Manipal Hospital, Bangalore on 25th November 2014 in the evening and was a bit nervous but I was ready for it. I was taken to the operating theatre at 7.30 am in the morning and I remember being taken in the wheel chair and lying on a stretcher in the waiting room. Once I entered the operation theatre, an oxygen mask was placed over my nose and face and that is all I remember. I was scared whether I would regain my consciousness since it is a long operation. The surgery was over by 4.00 pm and when I woke up from the surgery I was in the ICU. I experienced a bit of pain but since I was being given lots of pain killers, the pain was not unbearable. The next day doctor made me sit up in bed and that was a bit painful and my whole back felt stiff. I experienced stiffness in my back even while lying down (because of the screws and rods). Soon I was transferred to the ward and from that point of time the pain gradually came down and I kept walking with the help of nurses. I was more comfortable while walking, sitting and standing than while lying down. I was discharged from the hospital on the sixth day and was able to walk and sit comfortably. I was prescribed pain medications to take home when I was discharged from the hospital. I also had a water-proof dressing to cover the surgical area and this allowed me to have a shower/bath.

    It is now two weeks since surgery and expect for a little uneasiness while lying down, I have no issues while sitting, standing and walking. The operation scar has healed well and I am very happy with the shape of my back. My confidence has gone sky high I am very glad that I underwent surgery without which my condition would be become worse. I can now wear any type of clothing without worrying about the shape of my back.

    I am very thankful to my family for their support and a special thanks to Dr Thomas who performed this life changing operation for me.

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