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  • An altruistic ‘DOC’trine

    They learn, they teach, they constantly embellish their knowledge. Then some go a step further to give back. Not many know that the word doctor actually comes from the Latin word doctoris meaning teacher, informs spine surgeon Dr Thomas Kishen who has taken the onus on himself to teach.

    With his first-of-its-kind Bone School, Dr Kishen imparts very specific teaching programmes to young Orthopaedic trainees. The doctor with a graduate certificate on teaching from the University of New South Wales, keeps his Sundays for this free training. It is so fulfilling to teach the next generation of orthopaedic doctors. Everybody does a regular teaching programme, but the Bone School is a one-of-its-kind entity which teaches topics with faculty and doctors coming in from all over India. I started it at Sparsh, and now its at Manipal Hospital in Bengaluru, a one-day session where 40 to 50 PGs come on Sunday, and every month, we focus on a separate topic bone parts, tieing knots, bone models, says the spine surgeon.

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  • Well-wishers crowdfund essential surgery for young Bengaluru achiever

    Dr. Thomas Kishen, spine surgeon at Manipal Hospitals, who is treating Bhavya, said, "Along with scoliosis, she had a problem in her spinal cord which, over time, could weaken her legs. A surgery was needed to prevent this." He added that the surgery was successful and they were waiting to see how she fared over the coming days.

    Source: The Hindu

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  • Scoliosis survivor twins spearhead awareness campaign

    This is probably the largest scoliosis-screening programme in the country. While the cause among adolescents can be found out, its identification is tough as the person suffering from it does not feel pain, despite having an abnormal curve in the spine. It's important to conduct screening for schoolchildren," said Dr Thomas J Kishen, co-founder, Scoliosis Foundation of India

    Source: Times Of India

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  • Twintessential Troupers

    At the ripe age of 17, these twin girls are giving hope to children who are suffering from Scoliosis but are unable to afford treatment due to monetary constraints. They believe that every child needs to get equal opportunity to address the condition

    Source: Deccan Chronicle

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  • Bumpy roads in Bengaluru give young adults pain in the back

    BENGALURU: Recently, a Bengaluru man visited Columbia Asia Hospital in Hebbal with complaints of a severe back pain, which hindered his ability to sit as well. Surprisingly, the 30-year-old was dealing with a condition that mainly occurs post the age of 50 years. In another case, a 25-year-old visited Manipal Hospital on Old Airport road with a similar complaint. In both cases, doctors found that both the youngsters' commute to work involved bad road conditions. Dr Thomas Joseph Kishen from Manipal Hospital on Old Airport Road pointed out that unscientifically built road bumps could also be at fault. "Leftover gravel on roads can cause sudden jerks too. Besides back pain, youngsters can also end up with head injuries or broken bones," he explained.

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